What are the benefits of roadside garbage and recycling collection?

    Roadside garbage and recycling collection can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase recycling diversion, ease pressure on the local landfill, improve convenience and reduce costs for homeowners.

    What will this cost?

    The cost of a garbage and recycling collection service will depend on the specifics of what is offered. Influencing factors include the distances between and number of homes in the neighbourhood, pickup frequency and materials collected. In other rural areas on Vancouver Island, the service price ranges between $150-$250/year when homes are bundled together and the service contracted by a local government. The results of this survey will inform what service level is proposed for areas that express interest. Cost estimate will be refined and shared with residents before any public approval process.

    How would the cost compare to other options for managing with garbage and recycling?

    This kind of bundled service ranges between $150-$250/year in other rural areas on Vancouver Island. For comparison two drop-offs per month to the landfill would cost an estimated $260 per year for a homeowner or $487-$560 per year for weekly collection service by a private hauler (not including recycling). Costs are highly variable depending on personal preferences and these are estimates only.

    What happens after we complete the survey?

    The survey is now closed and will be important to help CVRD staff gauge interest in a roadside garbage/recycling service by neighbourhood. For those communities that are interested and meet technical requirements, the CVRD will proceed to develop a plan that it would bring back for consultation and a public approval process.

    Why did some neighbourhoods not move forward, when the community expressed interest?

    Along with the survey of community interest, the CVRD’s staff also undertook a technical review of the communities in order to assess details like housing density and road conditions to see if the service could be provided in an affordable way. As a result of this, some neighbourhoods were not recommended to move forward. Those include: the Minto Road area and the Forbidden Plateau Road area. For more information on factors that contributed to the decision on which areas to include in further consultation, visit comoxvalley.ca/ruralroadsidecollection.