Confirmed Service Area Boundaries Now Available

We heard strong support for a new roadside garbage and recycling service in the electoral areas during a survey conducted last year. The project team looked for areas that would be best served by a participation in a consolidated service, operationally feasible, and that had strong support from the residents. That analysis resulted in the following neighbourhoods moving forward.

Area A:
Fanny Bay Area
Union Bay Area

Area B:
Lazo Road Area
Little River Area
Bates Beach Area

Area C:

Lake Trail Road Area
Dove Creek Area
Merville and Williams Beach Area

Black Creek Area
Saratoga and Miracle Beach Area
MacAulay Road Area

CLICK THE MAP to see if your property is included:

There are some properties within the boundaries that will not receive this service because they do not meet the principle property use of a residential dwelling, or the property use is better suited to a centralized garbage collection system rather than individual collection. Wondering if your address is included in the proposed service area? Click on the interactive map highlighting all properties that are proposed to be included in the new service area.

Should the service be approved by residents through the AAP, residents will not be able to opt out after the service is created. In order for the proposed waste collection service to be cost effective and delivered efficiently, it needs to have participation from the majority of residents. Delivering recycling and yard waste collection to residents, alongside garbage collection, will improve diversion from our landfill and that impact will be most significant with the highest number of participating community members. Some exceptions/exemptions apply.

Have questions about why your property is included or excluded from the service? Visit to learn more about qualifications, exemptions and exclusions or to download a PDF version of these maps.

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