Approval of Proposed New Service to be confirmed by Alternative Approval Process (AAP)

As part of the COVID-19 Finance and Administration Response and Renewal Plan, the CVRD will be streamlining most of its Alternative Approval Processes to once a year, in the spring. The proposed rural roadside garbage and recycling collection service will be included as part of this new annual AAP process. This singular, unified AAP will save money, streamline efforts, and ensure clear, consistent messaging to residents about the process.

  • If you oppose this new service, you can submit an elector response form to voice your opposition. Elector response forms are available now and can be submitted from June 3 to July 5, 2021. Learn more at:
  • If you support the proposed service do not need to take any action.

Under provincial legislation, an AAP is an acceptable method for all local governments to utilize to directly engage citizens about certain matters requiring elector approval. The AAP provides a high-degree of accessibility as electors have at least 30 days in which to consider the initiative and submit a response a response form to indicate their opposition. In this case, an AAP was pursued following public consultation that determined there was support in the community for the establishment of a service and because a referendum would have been far more expensive to taxpayers. In addition, the CVRD has undertaken considerable public outreach through a variety of methods to ensure residents are aware and informed of the proposed service and the Alternative Approval Process.

Still have questions? Visit the CVRD’s website for more information.

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