What happened to the March 2020 survey?

    In March 2020, the project team launched public engagement on the conveyance shortlist including a survey posted here to the ConnectCVRD project page. However, the arrival of COVID-19 and resulting state of emergency led to the postponement of that consultation. This survey marks the restart of that stage of public engagement. Survey responses completed in March 2020 have been archived, however costs and construction scenarios have been updated significantly so we are encouraging residents to fill out a new survey.

    Will groundwater or wells be impacted?

    Over the summer, the CVRD conducted geotechnical and hydrogeological assessments in the areas of Lazo Road and Comox Hill. The results will provide information about ground conditions and groundwater levels in the area to help analyze if the tunelling options under consideration for the shortlist are viable. The data gathered will determine if ground conditions can support the directional drilling that would be required for construction. This includes ensuring that groundwater levels and groundwater quality would not be negatively impacted. Once data from this work is analyzed, reports will be made available to the public.

    Please read our InfoSheet on Sewer Planning and Groundwater or contact engineeringservices@comoxvalleyrd.ca with any questions about this assessment.

    When will Treatment and Resource Recovery options be decided?

    In 2019 four options for treatment and resource recovery were brought to the public for input. Technical committees have considered that feedback and will recommend a preferred option in November to be considered by the Sewage Commission. The preferred option for conveyance, treatment and resource recovery will be included in the Liquid Waste Management Plan and will presented to the community.

    Are these costs final?

    No, there are not final costs. The cost estimates included in this survey are at a class C level, which means the project is at a preliminary design phase. Cost estimates at this stage are based on current market conditions. When a preferred option is chosen, the project will enter the detailed design phase, at which point costs will be further refined.