How We Selected the Route For the Sewer Conveyance Project

In 2018, the CVRD started work on a Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) for the Comox Valley Sewer System to ensure our system will continue to operate safely and grow with our community. The LWMP identified a preferred conveyance route for new/upgraded sewer pipes and pump stations, which was approved by the Comox Valley Sewage Commission in February 2021.

The final project scope was confirmed after six months of further review/assessment, which was completed after the successful Alternate Approval Process in summer 2021. This additional assessment led to some updates from the original route presented, including:

  • Cut-and-cover (trenching) at Comox Hill: The traditional trenching method has been selected rather than tunneling. This will reduce risk while meeting long-term operational goals.
  • New Courtenay Pump Station: A new pump station would be more cost efficient in the long-term and allow the CVRD to move it away from the K’ómoks Estuary, reducing operational and environmental risk.
  • Gravity line tunneled at Lazo Hill: The pipe route will still be tunneled at Lazo Hill, and the final route selected allows a gravity flow – reducing the already-very low risk of a leak and reducing ongoing operational costs.

The approved scope allowed the project to move into the final design and tendering stages.

To learn more about how the chosen route was selected, visit the LWMP website and click the Public Engagement and the Key Milestones Report drop-down menu.

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