Water Conservation

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There is a lot of misunderstanding about the need for water restrictions and we often hear residents comment that there is no need for them when we have an abundance of water in Comox Lake.

We are fortunate to have Comox Lake as the source for our drinking water, but the Lake does not offer an infinite supply of fresh water.

Comox Lake is approximately 61 meters deep during the winter months. Only 4.5 meters of that total depth is available for domestic use, fish flows and power generation. And that is when the lake is at its highest levels. In the summer when dry weather affects the depth of the lake, the amount of water that we can access shrinks with the level of the lake, making water restrictions necessary. 

We have implemented a new watering schedule designed to make it easier for residents to comply with annual water restrictions. Your comments and/or suggestions for improving water conservation initiatives are welcome.

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